SP24 - A call for votes (and speakers)!

As you probably know by now, a few of us here on SharePoint-Community.Net are putting together something really exciting. We are intending to host the biggest on-line SharePoint Conference in the world. It's all free, lasts for 24 hours and will feature a mix of famous speakers along with speakers who are voted for by you - the SharePoint community! 

However, now we need your help!

There have been a LOT of fantastic submissions over the last few weeks, from speakers all over the world. They have been submitting into two tracks (Business and Technical). Can you spend a few minutes, looking at each track and voting for 3 or 4 of your favourite sessions as this will help us decide on who to include in the big day!

Here's how to do it : 

  1. Go to 'Business Track' then to the 'Technical Track'.
  2. Sign-in to List.ly. It's very quick and you can use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..
  3. Read the session overviews and click the up arrow on the sessions you like. (example, circled below).
  4. Repeat 1-3 for all the sessions you want to see.
  5. Help us encourage others by simply Tweeting this.
  6. Lastly, if you haven't registered, you need to! Goto our Registration Page and secure your place at SP24 (it's FREE).

Do you want to speak at SP24 ?

If you want to speak - it's not too late!! We are still looking for a greater representation of speakers from all over the world. So please read our how to apply page.


The SP24 Team

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